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Hello From the Seriously Stressed!

Travel broke my laptop—or its internal fan anyway. Now I am saddled with a workhorse that shuts itself down every 20 minutes or so. But that’s not even half of all the bad, bad things that happened this month. Here’s one of em: an editor gone AWOL 16 days before the movie premiere.

I cannot even begin to describe how stressful looking for the missing has been. For five days, we had everybody looking—and by everybody, I mean everybody, from the Costume Designer to the director’s mother. They tried texting, calling, emailing, and even considered driving to the editor’s house which, by the way, is so far from the city you’d need at least five hours total for the drive. Finally, we heard back from the editor. He says he’s swamped with editing, and cannot focus with so many people looking for him. But, that was three days ago, and we haven’t heard back from him again. Which brings me back to the old predicament: would we have a film to premiere come December 1?

Khavn, bless his soul, remains a fountain of positivity. “Maybe he will deliver in two or three days,” he said as we rode the elevator to Guggenheim. I appreciate the optimism, I really do, but it’s hard not to be feeling all sorts of panicked and panicky in Bilbao when back home, we haven’t picture-locked, and couldn’t proceed to the sound design (the film’s fully dubbed, by the way, which complicates things even more) and color grading unless we’re done with the first edit. Yes, we still do not have a complete rough cut.

It’s now 11 days before the premiere. There has been no update from the editor. I proposed we just consider the missing editor absolutely missing, and complete the film without him. If he hands in his work and it turns out absolutely smashing, well and good; we can use his version. But if he doesn’t hand us anything, then we’d at least have a very rough cut to screen come opening night. In the meantime, I’ll keep on with raising post-production money, and Khavn and I will try not to kill each other. It is very difficult to stay sane when it pours this bad, and often.