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Rough Cut, Work-in-Progress But Here We Go Nonetheless

EDSA XXX rough cut, work-in-progress exhibition screening premiere night tonight. I have nothing to wear—but no, I’m not just saying that because I’m a girl and girls play that silly game with their clothes. I really have nothing to wear. With all the eating I did in Ljubljana, Bilbao, and Tallinn, I gained so much weight that nothing fits me anymore. I’d probably show up in jeans and shirt, if I can get my jeans to zip shut, that is.

A lot of people have PM’d and texted to ask why EDSA XXX isn’t in competition. The most straightforward answer is this: we requested Cinema One to allow us to pull it out. Khavn will explain why tonight, as well as address all other questions. For now, let me just say this: working on EDSA XXX has been a good learning experience. Khavn did it to keep a promise to a friend; he ended up reminded of the importance of family, friendship, and loyalty in an industry that values few, respects little, and forgets only too quickly.

As for me, I learned just what I’m capable of given limitations. And I’m glad. I learned good things about myself. I learned that I’m stronger and stranger (the good kind of strange, okay) than I give myself credit for. I learned my limits, and how far I can push them without spreading myself too thin or stretching myself too taut. I also learned that I’m the biggest sap in the planet and I get attached to the people I work with. This isn’t a good thing, I’m afraid. I can’t have my heart breaking over every project we finish.

Tonight, we will see again the people who helped us make this film. I can’t wait.