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Oh Charlie!

The ex-husband figures in an accident that required some bandages and a few stitches here and there. What does three-year-old daughter Charlie do? Fuss over him, with only one concern: that my face which he’d had tattooed on his arm remains unscratched. Hahaha!

I’m obviously coming from somewhere very biased, but I’ll say this anyway: it’s hard not to adore Charlie. She’s not just witty and funny, she’s also quite odd. She spins the craziest yarns and tells the weirdest stories: for instance, a kid wakes up to find that her cake had walked out of the refrigerator and had turned into a giant after it ate everything else inside the fridge. She spooks her older sister, Alex, by claiming she sees dead people. She doesn’t like candy, and hates it when kids are rowdy.

Ugh, I miss my girls!

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  1. vet

    no new pictures of them, chin? haven’t been hitting facebook much. ditto on missing your girls. kaila pa kaha alex nako, hehe?