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The Cold, The Cold—and Handwashing Duels With a Stranger!

The thought of setting foot in several zero-degree cities in the next three weeks fills me with dread, so much so that I actually panicked and ditched all the clothes I’d planned to bring, and replace them all with turtlenecks and sweatshirts.

Despite having been to Europe January, February, June, July, and September this year, I am still at a loss over what to bring. And no, this isn’t because I have the IQ of a window. See, with the exception of Paris and Amsterdam which are frequent layovers, we’ve never gone to the same city twice. So, I hope Spain, Slovenia, and Estonia really are as cold as I believe them to be because gundemmit, I packed like I’ll spend the whole November inside an ice chest.

Guess what else I snucked in my bag?

Coffee, cereal, and corned beef. In that order. Hahaha! There really is no taking the province out of the girl!

One other thing happened today: I got into a competitive handwashing battle with a stranger. Ridiculous, I know, but well, it happened. She was already making short work of the liquid soap when I went to the other sink… and she just kept going. Then I decided I wouldn’t stop washing my hands until she stopped washing hers. She washed her hands for a small lifetime so maybe she was also mentally having the same contest I was. Anyway, I won. I stood my ground and just kept going. Now I have the cleanest hands in the whole wide world. Or at least I did until I started hammering away on this keyboard, coated as it is with junk oils and biscuit crumbs.

Please remind me not to spend an entire week stressing. When I’m jittery, my emotional intelligence takes a beating. And really, I’d rather not get into more handwashing battles anytime soon.


  1. Barcelona is not very cold as of the moment, but I think other parts of Spain is usually colder than Barcelona. So mas maayo ng mas daghan ug pang winter ang dad on kaysa makuwangan. Have a safe travel guaps.

  2. We all have to engage in at least one handwashing battle in the course of our life. I’m glad you came out as the victor.

  3. Azzythe hillbilly

    You should be glad it was not a snot inhaling competish.